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Szamódy Zsolt

Szamódy Zsolt

Budapest, Hungary


Fort Sandberg

The Fortress Fort Sandberg built by the Kaiser of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy in Komarom between 1850-1870.
The Fortress located in the riverbank of the Danube, in the border-land of the Slovakian-Hungarian border, and was occupied by russian soldiers after the II.World War.
Fort Sandberg became the biggest top-secret armoury in Middle East Europe.
I began to take pictures, when the Red-army left this place in 1991.
I found some specially nice building and a dirty, huge historical monument.
1.Granica posta - does that mean: Watchpoint
2.There are empty boxes of the weapons everywhere
3.It was empty, but the russian dog try to find some human contact and didn't understand any hungarian words.