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Marc-Oliver Schulz
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Jens Sundheim
Sylvia de Swaan
Szamódy Zsolt

Jens Sundheim

Dortmund, Germany

Summerlin - a communnity for the 21st century

Summerlin a masterplanned community on the western edge of Las Vegas, Nevada. Built on an area where once industrialist, aviator and film producer Howard Hughes planned to establish an aerospace center, a new vision is materialized: the perfect city.
Living in Summerlin means a lot of rules to observe. Security and peace and harmony - a community for the 21st century - as the planners name it on their website.
More than 200 families move to Summerlin every month. They fly from crime, earthquakes and other harassments of the big cities and seek the consistancy of thick walls to live behind. Today 90.000 people live in Summerlin, 200.000 are planned. Summerlin is the fastest growing and therefore most succesfull masterplanned community in the United States.
Look-alike cities have been build in Europe and all other parts of the world. Can Summerlin be considered the prototype of housing in the 21st century?