images against walls
Gustavo Salinas
Tina Schelhorn
Ursula Schöpper
Jane Schreibman
Astrid Schulz
Marc-Oliver Schulz
Fabio Sgroi
Ali Akbar Shirjian
Greg Smith
Richard Soren
Cat Soubbotnik
Ciro Spataro
Friedrich Stark
Robert Stulier
Jens Sundheim
Sylvia de Swaan
Szamódy Zsolt

Fabio Sgroi

Palermo, Italy

1 - 3 Belgrade, “city of boundaries”.
This is a land of boundaries, where opposites attract as well as repel. Although the Balkans are inside Europe, it’s possible to feel some different sensibility, here within a European climate resides a longing for the torpid sensuality of the Orient.
In recent years, at the start of the year 2000, events have once more shaken the very core of the Balkans, Serbia and its capital Belgrade. The last decade has violently changed the physical and psychological dimensions of the city, emerging as a nationalist drama and concluding in an irreversible sense of its own being.
Belgrade, facing an existential crisis, and ever aware of its distance and dissociation with the world, continues to live out its destiny as a city of “boundaries”. Yet, emerging from this diverse and contradictory cultural inheritance are vibrant feelings of fear and hope. Many trials lie ahead for the city of Belgrade as it attempts to unleash itself from its historical chains.
4 - 6 Berlin 2001 + 2008