images against walls
CJ Maldonado
Christine Mathieu
Michael Martin
Pier Marton
Eric Mayen
Jock McDonald
Jessica McGlothlin
Charlotte Menin
Midori Mitamura
Susan Moore
Wolfgang Müller
Daniel Müller Jansen
Klaus Muenzner

Michael Martin

San Jose CA, USA

I took these photos during a visit to Vietnam is 2007. I was a boy during the Vietnam War, but I remember the evening news coverage, the nightly body counts, and the now historic characters facing off on television. I grew to appreciate how iconic photographs could shape public opinion. I live in San Jose, California, where there is a large Vietnamese community. The war is still a very sensitive subject for Vietnamese Americans. I learned on my visit to Vietnam that the Vietnamese have let the war fade from their daily life. Apart from the occasional tourist souvenir, the American was is not in their daily life. They have moved on and hold no ill feeling towards their former enemy. That war 35 years ago is now just a few tourist attractions.

Photo 1 was taken at the war remembrance museum, a ramshackle museum full of old military equipment and some photographs. Most of the tourists were Western. The other two photos were taken at Reunification Palace, formerly the Independence Palace, home of the South Vietnamese president. It is most famous as the site of the handover of power after the war, and the site of the North Vietnamese Army tanks crashing through the gates during the fall of Saigon. It now hosts tourist groups and families looking for the last vestiges of the war.