images against walls
Xabier Mikel Laburu
John Lambrichts
Pok Chi Lau
Frederic Lezmi
Alessio Liberati
Mabel Llevat
Jenny Löbert
Markus Lokai
Ono Ludwig
Neo Lux

Xabier Mikel Laburu

Barcelona, Spain

Detail of the border fence of Melilla, Spain. The Melilla border fence is the southern border to Europe, the Melilla and Ceuta enclaves are Spanish territories located north of Morocco. Since some years ago, these territories were the way many african immigrants choosed to enter Europe. In September/October 2005 thousands of immigrants assaulted in mass the frontier with a considerable a number of deaths and injured due to falls, the barbwire and shots mainly fired by the Moroccan reservists. The Spanish and European governments responded to these assaults sending soldiers to custodiate the border, lifting up the fence about 3m. higher and paying a great sume of money to the Moroccan government to improve surveillance and to build an other double fence on their territory. Date: 10/10/2005.

Two Spanish soldiers watch one of the sections from the Melilla/Morocco border fence in Spain. Date: 10/10/2005.

Many of the immigrants in their attempts of passing the fence end up tangled in the barbwire or fall from the fence. Picture shot in the immigration camp of Melilla, Spain. Date: 10/10/2005