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Verena Kyselka

Verena Kyselka

Berlin, Germany

Sealed borders between Armenia and Turkey
and Armenia and Azerbaijan 2009

Images 1-3, May / June 2009

In my research in Armenia the intense emotional aversion against the population of the bordering countries Turkey and Azerbaijan attracted my attention. Until now the country is traumatised by the Genocide and mass expulsion in the beginning of 20th century, which directly affected about every second family. Before the collapse of the Soviet Union a peaceful communal shared existence between different ethnic groups was pretended under the cloak of the communist dictatorship.

But the hostility emerged and broke out in conflicts after the striving of independence of the post-soviet states. The tension with Azeri and also Turkish neighbours escalated and led to a wave of refugees. Since then the borders between these countries are closed and sealed. It is not possible to see the borderlines to Nakhchivan and Azerbaijan up close because of the military line of fire.