images against walls
Johannes Hepp
Kai-Olaf Hesse
Katharina Hesse
Jessica Hines
Oyvind Hjelmen
Christian Hörder
Scott Hopkins
Fred Hüning
Ralph Humrich

Fred Hüning

Berlin, Germany


Germanfilmstills – three german nights

The fall of the Berlin Wall and the following peaceful German reunion was a worldwide unique event and, hence, there is in 2009 reason enough to celebrate the 20th anniversary in Germany properly. Then during the years after 1989 there was in the east as well as in the west of Germany events which did not fit at all in the new, flawless picture of new united Germany and which provided worldwide for outrage and terror:
The xenophobic excesses in Rostock-Lichtenhagen 1992 and the incendiary attack committed by neo-Nazis in Solingen in 1993 are for it two examples from east and west. As an artist I consider that one should also not suppress the following bad events just in the general jubilee 2009. Hence, my work "germanfilmstills" connects all three events.
Because in all these three events i was never on site and so i couldn´t take my „own pictures“, here I have fallen back for the first time on foreign material to come at last by selection and treatment of the material to an independent artistic statement.
I took „filmstills“ from videos found on the Internet (mainly amateur videos).