images against walls
Matteo Danesin
James Whitlow Delano
Nigel Dickinson
Kristianne Drake

James Whitlow Delano

Tokyo, Japan

Mexican Border 2006/2008
images from the US / Mexican border and the fence. I remember thinking of Berlin in shock the first time I saw an earlier version of this wall in 1982.
I have lived in Tokyo, Japan but still have family in the US /Mexican border area in California. It is where I first did street photography many years ago, over the border in Tijuana, Mexico. These are my roots.

- 01 Hundreds of crosses, each bearing the name of a Mexican or Central American who died trying to cross this border into the United States, have been mounted on the Tijuana, Mexico side of the border fence referred to, south of the border, as the "Wall of Shame". 2008
- 02 Young Mexican schoolgirls runs along the beach toward the Pacific Ocean beside the border fence, Tijuana, Mexico. The fence is erected by the US Government hoping to stem the tide of Mexicans crossing the border illegally into the United States. 2006
- 03 Young Mexican man points along the line demarkating Mexican territory from US territory in the Tijuana River bed. Mexicans refer to the border simply as "La Linea" or The Line" in English It is one of the few flat parts of the border, aside from the most remote tracts of desert, in California that is not fenced off. He and others hope to cross at night. The wall behind him prevents him from entering the US though he is a few meters from it. 2006
- 04 Young Mexican men, who have been arrested by the US Border Patrol are bused and then corraled into this enclosure where they are processed by Mexican gov't officials and released back into Mexico. The entrance to the left is the entrance into Mexico where Americans or citizens of any nationality are allowed to pass without identification into Mexico as long as they stay within a prescribed zone along the border. (Documentations is needed to travel deeper into Mexico.) 2006