images against walls
Ulrich Baatz
Thomas Bär
Ralph Bageritz
Manuel Bauer
Nathalie Becher
Ute Behrend
Marion Belanger
Steven Benson
Mike Berube
Carlo Bevilacqua
Ellen Börner
Philipp Bösel
Wolf Böwig
Stefan Boness
Herman van den Boom
Hermann Bredehorst
Tania Britzke
Kurt Buchwald
Dan Budnik
Johann Büsen

Stefan Boness

Berlin, Germany


Two walls of great importance in defining the 20th century remembered. The trench walls of World War I in Flanders, Belgium, and the course of the Berlin Wall. A section of the former rebuilt and planted with red poppies, the latter drawn as a simple line on the pavement, captured here with a red carnation, one of the symbols of the socialist movement.