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Alen Aligrudic
Morton Andersen
Kristin Anderson
Bernd Arnold

Alen Aligrudic

Copenhagen, Denmark


"dream sequence" from the work "Greetings from Yugoslavia"

After the death of Yugoslavia the South Slavs ended up all over the world, which is why the world in some sense has become another south Slavic settlement, a virtual Yugoslavia.
I am attempting to recreate that kind of Yugoslavia, and I have so far managed to cover a small portion of it,as well as a few European countries, and the project is ongoing.
I am thus relating to one lost land in order to perform a psychoanalytical analysis of the world we live in and human nature in general.
I believe that Former Yugoslavia is a great role model for such project. Notwithstanding that narratives related to Yugoslavia can be interpreted as a local issue, I am certain that some reflections and comparisons to other places in this world are not entirely out of place, if the angle is about human nature in its core.
I was just a teenager when it all went to hell, and it made me wonder what we did wrong.
I have ever since wandered through Europe, and I am here presenting my story.